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Healthcare Management 
for Your Personal Injury Clients

Healthcare Consultants  for Texas Personal Injury Attorneys

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Complimentary & Cost Effective on Most Personal Injury Cases

Got a personal injury case, but your client doesn't have a doctor? We'll help you find someone in our healthcare provider network. Are you busy with the legalities of the case? Ask us to take over the healthcare management aspect of your client's care. We're here to provide medical and legal consultations and necessary healthcare for your client.

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MEDSURG Services

Legal and Healthcare Consulting for Personal Injury Lawyers

Medsurg A/R Services Inc. serves attorneys in Houston, Texas, who need consultants for personal injury cases and healthcare management for their clients. Our healthcare provider network connects you with quality healthcare providers, facilities, and ancillary services. Maximizing a client's medical care is important, while also sticking within their budgets and the budgets of their cases. Let us help you get set up with our network of healthcare providers.

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About us

you can count on us when you need us!

Lawyers can turn to Medsurg A/R Services Inc. in Houston, Texas, for healthcare consulting on personal injury cases. Our services are geared towards helping attorneys get healthcare for their clients. Your trust is a big deal to us, especially when it comes to investment and financial services. We operate under a core set of values and beliefs that keep the client's best interests at heart.

Medsurg A/R Services Inc. was formed in 2004 by its CEO, Arthur Minguez, Jr. Mr. Minguez was formerly the CEO and Founder of Lone Star Ambulatory Care, one of the first and largest groups of ambulatory surgery centers in Texas since the termination of the CON Laws in 1986. Mr. Minguez’s background in personal injury was started with Lone Star’s medical experience in handling personal injury cases for select legal clients and expanded from there. Prior to his experience at Lone Star, he served on the boards of two acute care hospitals and consulted for numerous hospitals, clinics, and ambulatory facilities. He also has 18 years of senior level commercial healthcare banking and investment banking experience with GE Capital, Security Pacific Bank, and Bank of America. Mr. Minguez holds a BS from Penn State University and an MBA from Drexel University, specializing in healthcare administration.

Mr. Minguez and his staff of paralegals and medical professionals have the experience and dedication to provide your clients with the highest level of cost-effective healthcare. No one else offers the know-how and the combination of services that we provide. We provide special consultations for clients with specific needs, and give informed advice on their healthcare needs. We build trust and lasting relationships as we focus on honesty, integrity, and openness.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about your clients' medical needs. You may also email or fax the attached referral form, along with the existing medical records, letter of protection, and any accident/incident reports and the defendant's insurance information.

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Opening Hours

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. CST

1333 Old Spanish Trail Suite G-113 Houston TX 77054

(210) 563-4546 (Afterhours Emergency Care)

Fax Number:

281 730 5931

Please Call for an Appointment For Emergency Treatment, Call: (210) 563-4546

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Service Area
Houston, TX, and the Surrounding Areas:

• San Antonio
• Austin
• Dallas
• Fort Worth

• Beaumont
• Corpus Christi
• The Rio Grande Valley

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